MD Radiology Admission

MD radiology admission for 2017 batch has begun. Respective candidates are requested to survey the websites and can visit our portals for further details to take  admission under NRI quota. We have listed below few names of the medical colleges/universities, you can hunt your college which specializes in Radiology and can book your seats or can visit us for any query. Accomplish your dreams through us. Contact us today for MD radiology admission guidance.

MD Radiology is a fully fledged post graduate degree program. A radiologist is a physician who uses radiologic techniques to cure diseases. Under this course, a radiologist learns about various essential areas such as Radiography, Radio Physics, Production of x-rays, Basic concepts, Interaction of Radio with Matter, Special radiography, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Ultrasonography, Fluoroscopy, Computed Tornography etc.

The profession of Doctors is the most respectable one in the world. They are treated next to god. If you think and consider yourself helpful to the ones who need your guidance and assistance to examine their body images then you must think of radiology. They play an imperative role to take X-rays and study patient’s body. MD radiology in India has got a wider scope. The demand of this profession is going to boom certainly in the coming few years. The job opportunities are going to catapult by 15% more in the next few years.

MD radiology in abroad is considered to be the world’s best medical colleges. Comparatively to India, the level of education is extremely high .Their teaching modules and techniques are also high.

Eligibility Criteria for MD Radiology Admission

Minimum 50% marks in M.B.B.S

Few universities conduct entrance exams which students need to qualify.

  • Universities of Medicine in Radiology
  • Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University
  • Ayush and Health Swasthya Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya
  • Nitti University
  • Smt B.K Shah Medical Institute and Research Centre.

Appropriateness of pursuing Doctor of Medicine in Radiology

Pursuing Doctor of Medicine in radiology is suitable for all those who are skillful and proficient who can practice entire disciplines of radiology like conventional and special radiography, CT, USG, MRI, etc. Students can even acquire knowledge in CVS, CNS, Endocrinal, Musculoskeletal, G.U.T Hepato-biliary etc.


Why Doctor of Medicine in Radiology is beneficial?

Under this course you can acquire lot of knowledge in the medicine areas. It is the best field to grab as much knowledge one can like in the field of Mammography & Nuclear medicine, Radiographer, US, Doppler, DSA, MRI, CT etc. For further studies, it is even good for PH.D courses. Diploma in radiology after MBBS is also a good option for the candidates once they complete their degree program. The aim is to provide knowledge in medical radiology with relevant knowledge in the field of the radiology. Diploma program can help them to apply their acquired expertise at health care organizations.

Doctor of Medicine in Radiology can get a job in a particular area:-

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Radiologist Assistant

Radiology Technician have to work as private health centers, public hospitals, medical labs, clinics and many other health facilities. The X-Ray technician has to take pictures of the body while using numerous imaging methods like mammography, resonance imaging, basic x-ray, computed tomography and fluoroscopy. In any healthcare department, radiologist is an important technician. They play a vital role as they assist in reading the patient’s body images and understanding the problem areas.

Key Responsibility area of a Radiologist:-

  • To maintain patient’s records
  • Assisting the physicians in understanding the patient’s images.
  • To get accurate images, they help and guide the patient’s to take appropriate positions.
  • Safekeeping the radiographic equipment.
  • Providing the images to the physicians of the particular areas.
  • If required, then using the radiation on the patient.
  • Preventing exposure of the certain areas so that they do not expose to radiation.

Pursuing MD radiology in Europe will give the candidates an international recognition and will be certified by the European board of Radiology. Under the European Training Curriculum for radiology, a radiologist will be given knowledge and required information about the course.  The examination is conducted in all the European cities which is organized by national radiological societies.

MD radio diagnosis salary mainly depends on their working area. Like if they work in any government hospitals then they would get a fixed pay, between 1 to 2 lakh. In private hospitals, they can earn more, hefty amount. There is no limit to make money in this profession. It also depends on the inflow of the patients. Admission session has been started if you have query related to MD Radiology admission guidance , fill out enquiry form, our experts will assist you.

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