MD MS in USA (Medical PG)

MD MS in USA/ PG Residency in USA Overview

The MD MS in the USA is a postgraduate or residency program offered at United States Universities. It is a PG degree program mostly pursued by medical graduates. For Indian students, after MBBS, MD in the USA is a demanding course. Students who wish to practice medicine in the USA can also get various chances to settle down in the USA. Students have to clear USMLE Part1 Part 2 and Part3 as a compulsory PG residency in the USA. 

The system of education in the USA is exemplary. Moreover, the living condition, clinical & medical exposure, job opportunities and everything is extraordinary. The supportive mentors, friendly environment, study oriented and research based programs offered at med schools are extra features. 

The entire course is focused on clinical challenges for especially developing clinical professionals in the USA. Every year thousands of IMGs appeared for admission and licensing exams in the USA. Their motive is to practice in high ends specializations of medicine. 

Study MD MS in USA

MCAT Examination

Medical College Admission Test is a computer based online standard examination. It is held by various countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The examination is primarily designed to access the prior medical knowledge and skills, clinical knowledge, essays writings and scientific & medical concepts. MCAT is commenced by the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

Examination is conducted for 7 hours and 30 minutes. MCAT exam consists of four sections having multiple choice questions. 

  1. Section I– This section contains 59 questions from Chemical and Physical Foundation of Biological Systems for 95 minutes duration. 
  2. Section II– There are a total 53 questions from Critical Analysis and Reasoning skills for 90 minutes. 
  3. Section III- In this section there are 59 questions from the biological and biochemical foundation of living systems. The duration provided for solving paper is 95 minutes. 
  4. Section IV– It comprises 59 questions from Psychological, Social and Biological Foundation of Behavior for a duration of 95 minutes. 

MD MS in USA Duration (Medical PG in USA)

The time required for pursuing PG/MD in USA varies as per the specializations and sub specialization. In general, the MD course duration spans from 4-6 years in the USA. However it can also increase up to 11 years. 

Medium teaching

  • MD courses are completely taught in English medium. 
  • The course curriculum is designed in English language for easy understanding of International students. 

MD in USA Eligibility criteria (Medical PG)

  1. There is no age restriction for the candidates seeking admission.
  2. Candidates seeking PG admission in the USA have to pass bachelor degree education says MBBS for Indian students
  3. Students from non English dominating countries need to pass IELTS or TOFEL and English proficiency test. 
  4. They must have to qualify for the GMAT entrance examination.

Steps to undertake MD MS in USA

There are easy steps to understand the procedure of MD in the USA and Residency. 

  • Step.1 First of all, complete the bachelor degree education from a recognized university/council. They must have completed education having biology, chemistry and Physics as main subjects. 
  • Step.2 Now, after completing bachelor’s degree, appear for the MCAT examination held in the United State. Additionally, you have to pass GMAT with required marks to pursue an MD degree in the USA. After qualifying GMAT, apply to the university in which you want to take admission. Also make you have completed all the requirements that are necessary for getting a PG seat. 
  • Step.3 Now after enrollment in your preferred university, complete your 4 years full time MD in the USA with full dedication, hard work and focused studies. After completing schooling your journey isn’t finished, it actually starts now. 
  • Step.4 In order to get Permanent Registration so that you will be able to practice medicine in the USA you have to appear for licensing examination called USMLE and also have to register with ECFMG for certification. 
  • USMLE is divided into three parts. You have to clear USMLE Part 1 and 2. Students seeking residency in the USA have to pass USMLE part 1 covering basic medical concepts before the end of second year of MD education. However, they have to clear USMLE part 2 covering clinical diagnosis & disease development topics in exam by the end of third years MD education.  
  • Step.5 In Step five, if you are seeking PG residency along with an MD in the USA then you have to submit an application regarding your residency. After that your application will be taken into consideration by the university and they will assign you best preferred residencies in your related niche. 
  • Step.6 After completing a required time span normally 3 years for residency you have to appear for the USMLE part 3 examination. It is the final step to test overall abilities and knowledge for effective and safe working as a Doctor in the USA. 
  • Step.7 Now, after passing the third pass, you have to appear in front of an administrative board for selecting a field out of 24 specializations. It could be any specialization such as Anesthesiology, Anatomy, general Medicine, Pharmacology, forensic medicine, etc. 
  • Step.8 Once you have got board certification and after completing training, you will receive a state signed license to practice medicine.  

MD in USA Cost/Tuition Fee

Cost of pursuing an MD or PG Course in the USA is cost effective. Tuition Fee of the programs changes as per specialization and university popularity. It could cost somewhere around 50,000 – 70,000 USD per annum. Popularity of the med school in which you want to get enrolled is one of the important factors. All payments should be done in US Dollars. 

Best universities for MD in USA

These are leading universities of the USA that provide excellent exposure and best education & skill set to the aspiring students. 

  1. Harvard University Medical School
  2. Columbia University Medical School 
  3. Johns Hopkins University Medical School
  4. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Alix)
  5. New York University (Grossman) Medical School 
  6. University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) Medical School 
  7. Washington University in St. Louis Medical School

Documents required for Admission

  1. Academic certificate.
  2. MBBS degree or any equivalent bachelor level degree from recognized university/council.
  3. A valid passport.
  4. Passport size photograph. 
  5. IELTS or TOEFL scorecard. 
  6. GMAT scorecard. 
  7. Other required certificates like medical fitness certificate, caste certificate, etc. 

Career after MD in USA

After completing a PG course in the United State of America, there are a number of areas you can apply for. You can work as a Family Physician, Surgeon, and in various specialist fields such as anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Radiology, Pharmacology and so on. MD degrees acquired from the USA have great values and the holder of that degree is highly appreciated for their broad knowledge in medicine and allied specializations.   



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