PG Residency in New Zealand (MD MS in New Zealand)

An overview

MD MS in New Zealand is a postgraduate medical degree course that can be pursued after completing bachelor degree says, MBBS form any country. There are many institutes in New Zealand that offer post graduate courses in various specializations. MD MS in New Zealand is a two years post graduate degree consisting theoretical education and research work. One year classroom education is followed by another year for clinical practice. 

New Zealand medical universities and institutes are highly recommended for opting medical courses. The institutes provide world class education and infrastructure for studies. New Zealand follows the structure of the UK for training students. Universities seek to develop special skills and hand on experience while providing the PG residency in New Zealand. 

PG Residency in New Zealand

Facts to Know about PG Residency in New Zealand

Pursuing postgraduate medical training in New Zealand is not any easy task for everyone. However, it is also not impossible as well. If you want to do MD MS in New Zealand, the below mentioned points are very helpful for you guys and also provide a clear perspective to the PG medical admission procedure of New Zealand. 

English proficiency tests- The medical universities of New Zealand only consider IELTS Scores for providing admission in PG Courses. An aggregate of 0.7 marks is the minimum score accepted by the institutes. New Zealand don’t accept any other proficiency test says OETs/USMLE accept IELTS.

Number of applicants– Every year there are approximately 1500 aspirants including local and foreign medicals applied for PG entrance examination in New Zealand institutes. 

No direct admission– New land universities don’t provide direct exams to International Medical Graduates. It means that you have to appear for multiple examinations to get admission in New Zealand. 

NZREX Examination

What is NZREX Examination? 

NZREX is a pathway for the Doctors who desire to take medical training and stay in New Zealand for a long term. To do MD MS in New Zealand students have to appear for NZREX. NZREX is an OSCE structured examination. OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examination. Candidates have to fulfill the requirements to appear for NZREX entrance examination. The process of undertaking this examination is complex. An international medical graduate needs to fill approximately 6-7 forms for registration. 

For the sake of taking admission in New Zealand, students have to fill multiple forms and also have to appear for several tests. NZREX contains 16 stations. The duration allocated for each station is a total 12 minutes. 10 minutes for performing tasks and 2 minutes for reading instruction. Students can apply for NZREX as many times as they want. 

However, the scores obtained in NZREX is valid for 5 years. If you are not satisfied with you scores, you can retake examination to increase your scores.

The thing that separate NZREX from other international entrance examinations is that, aspiring candidates must have qualified one test from the following;

  • PLAB part 1
  • AMC Part 1
  • Canadian Examination part 1
  • USMLE both part 1 & 2. In USMLE, students must have completed both part 1 and 2 with Clinical knowledge not Clinical Skills. 

Purpose of NZREX Examination

The examination is basically designed to test the knowledge & skills, capabilities and their competence through various tests. Through NZREX, the clinical, diagnosis, investigation, management, demonstration, reasoning, and communication skills will be tested. The passing marks for both the local and IMGs is 60%. After giving examination results will be announced within 3-10 days. 

Requirements of NZREX Examination

The requirements of NZREX of New Zealand makes it different from other parts of the world. Well, the students who have successfully passed the examination will definitely get wonderful opportunities regarding PG Residency in New Zealand. 

  • There is no age restriction for interested candidates. 
  • The candidate who has a bachelor medical degree education is eligible.
  • A candidate must have passed any one of the following PLAB part 1, AMC part 1 or USMLE part 1 & 2 both.   
  • Make sure you have completed any one test within the five years along with the primary medical education. 
  • Have proper fluency in English language so that you will be properly communicated in the workplace especially. 
  • Candidates must have completed one year post graduate internship in your own country. 

PG Residency in New Zealand Registration procedure 

After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the next important step is to apply for admission. There are three popular types of registrations held in New Zealand. General, Vocational and Special. Generally, the IMGs fall under the special category.  

General Registration process

  • The general registration procedure is common for all candidates. Students have to do one year internship in their home country, after that they must have qualified any one from PLAB, AMC, Canadian examination or USMLE. 
  • In Next step you have to apply for the NZREX examination. 
  • Qualified candidates of NZREX exam will apply for PG residency in New Zealand.  
  • Two years internship is compulsory for all students. It is the difficult part of the MD MS in New Zealand because institutes prefer their local candidates for offering paid internships. So once you have completed a two year PG internship, you are eligible for applying for a job in New Zealand. 

Vocational Registration process

  • Vocational is another type of PG residency in New Zealand. It is also known by the name of PR (Permanent Residency) in New Zealand. PR is a kind of permanent license that allows you to stay permanently in the country. After finishing PG in your country, you can apply for MD MS in New Zealand.  
  • Aspiring students have to give the NZREX examination. 
  • After passing the examination, you need 2-3 job letters from the hospitals of New Zealand. Thereafter you are eligible to get permanent residency in New Zealand. 
  • After registration, you have to give an interview to get a job. Interview cost 3000 New Zealand Dollars. 

Special Registration process 

  • Most of the international students who want temporary registration of maximum 2 years fall under this category. After completing PG in your country, you can apply for MD MS in New Zealand. 
  • First step is to clear any one examination after PG amongst PLAB, AMC, Canadian examination or USMLE.
  • Then give the NZREX examination in New Zealand and just follow the general registration process. 
  • However, another way after clearing NZREX is to go for a research or fellowship course in New Zealand for not more than 2 years. 
  • For getting fellowship in New Zealand you need 3-4 years clinical experience in any other country except your home country. 

List of the countries for clinical experience

These are the countries that are considered for clinical experience to do fellowship in New Zealand. 

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Czech Republic  
  6. Denmark 
  7. USA & UK
  8. Finland 
  9. Israel 
  10. Italy
  11. Norway 
  12. Portugal
  13. Island Singapore
  14. Spain 
  15. Germany 
  16. Greece
  17.  Switzerland
  18.  Sweden
  19.  Netherlands 

Cost of Application Forms

Total cost of a 6 to 7 application form is approximately 470 NZ Dollars to do MD MS in New Zealand. 

NZREX Examination Fees

The examination fees in New Zealand is around 3480 NZ Dollars. 

Salary paid during Internship

  • The salary paid to the interns is good. For 1st year 4600 NZ Dollars. 
  • Accommodation facility is also average in New Zealand. 

Book recommended for NZREX Examination

  1. NZREX clinical handbook for candidates.
  2. Davidson’s book for internal medicine
  3. ECG in practice 6th edition
  4. Macgraw hills general practice 
  5. Collin’s medical practice in New Zealand

 Why to choose MD MS/PG Residency in New Zealand

To New Zealand most of the institutes are in-listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools for their updated curriculum and comprehensive study format. Institutes offer an effective study environment for continuous learning and growing. Mentors at New Zealand medical universities/institutes are very professional in their work. 

Medical universities of New Zealand is the center of the educational hub having a robust education system and pioneer research institutes to professional training and research. PG residency in New Zealand is a major destination for the students across the globe to pursue PG courses in medicine.    

There is a booming career in scientific research and application after completing MD MS in New Zealand (PG Residency in New Zealand). While doing MS, students will work with a team undertaking various projects, presentations or other skills to get experience. Students also get an insight while doing Internship. 



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