MD MS in Canada (PG Residency)

An Overview 

International Medical Graduate’s looking for PG residency in Canada will have to go through a lot of steps or examinations to get a permanent/temporary license in Canada. You may have to face various obstacles but after overcoming these challenges you will be able to practice medicine in Canada at a good pay scale.  

Students who have completed their primary medical degree program/physicians can apply for the MD MS in Canada or PG residency in Canada. Students who have completed their M.D in Canada can apply for Residency training called the final stage of medical education easily to practice as a permanent licensed Physician. 

The most challenging part of getting a PG residency in Canada is that aspirants should be either Canadian Citizen or they should have Permanent Resident (PR) Status in Canada. In case of Citizenship, either you are born in Canada or living in Canada for a long time, say 7-10 years. So both the situations are not possible for IMG. Equally a student who is not earning cannot apply for PR in Canada. 

However, another option is that the parents of aspiring students can apply for PR in Canada because they are earning and therefore fall under the earning category. To add to this, only financial ability is not sufficient to get a license there are other requirements as well to fulfill. 

Students seeking MD MS in Canada right after graduation have to appear for 3 exams to apply for PG residency in Canada. These 3 exams are Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination. Along with these exams you have to clear IELTS with 7-7.5 bands.  After qualifying these examinations you can apply for PG residency in Canada through CaRMS. 

After you application/you have got selected, you will be called for an interview. After the interview you have to match with the requirements of the programs and then they will check your skills for 4-6 weeks to confirm Permanent Residency license in Canada. Now once you have to appear for MCCQE part 1 and part 2 in Canada. 

MD MS training focuses on sharpening graduate’s skills for practice as a family medicine, surgical, medical or laboratory specialist in Canada. Family Medicine training programs in Canada are of two years duration. 

However, an optional third year training is also available if you want advanced training in emergency medicine healthcare or want to enhance your skills. Medical, Surgical and Laboratory training programs typically span 3-5 years depending upon the sub- specialization. 

Residency training culminates in professional certification. Upon completion of Family Medicine training, residents challenge certifying exams of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). Residents challenge exams of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) after completing training in Medical, Surgical and Laboratory residency programs. Having achieved CFPC or RCPSC certification, the physician is prepared for unsupervised, fully-licensed medical practice and a career supported by continuing professional development.

MD MS in Canada Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Students must have finished their undergraduate degree having a minimum 70% in medicine. 
  2. They must have qualified GMAT, a Canadian entrance examination. 
  3. They must have got at least 07 bands in IELTS. 
  4. Either 3-4 years’ clinical experience in medicine.

Process to apply for MD MS in Canada

  • Course Duration varies as per the specializations in Canada. The process for applying Canadian institutes is similar for all international medical graduates. 
  • First step is to choose the best med school as per your budget, credentials and eligibility. The admission is really competitive so apply as soon as possible.
  • Next step is to submit scanned transcript documents such as your academic records/certificate, any conferences you have joined while studying, any research you have undertaken during studies, photographs, signature, etc to the college in which you want to apply. 
  • Step three is to choose Program. Well on the basis of your preferred program, college may ask to add documents as per the requirements of the programs. 
  • Next step is fee payment. You have to pay tuition fees of Canada which is approximately 15000 Canadian dollars. Fee is the subject to change as per the programs. Pay the fees before the given deadline. You can also apply for Scholarship while filling out an application. 
  • Now in the next, the respective college will take time to process your application and verify every detail. It might take 2-3 weeks or even more depending upon the processing time. 
  • Once your application/documents get verified or you have got selected by the college, they will send you a confirmation letter to join the college. Now after getting a letter of acceptance, start applying for a Student’s Visa. After getting your Visa you can move to Canada to start MD MS in Canada and might get PG residency in Canada.  

Documents required

  • A valid passport minimum 6 month’s validity.
  • IELTS scorecard. 
  • Bank statements for financial stability proof. 
  • Academic certificates.
  • MBBS degree.
  • MCI/NMC registration certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Medical fitness certificate. 
  • Passport size photographs.

MD MS in Canada Duration 

The duration of PG in Canada in 3-5 years depending on the programs you choose to pursue.

Canada is a nice place and highly considered when it comes to education. It is the best destination to boost your medical career and get highly paid in the field of medicine or its specializations. Canadian colleges ensure to provide high end technologies and superior quality education to the students. Students will get sufficient exposure and a diverse environment. After completing MD MS in Canada, there are huge chances to get a Permanent Registration for staying back in Canada and start a home job at a high lucrative salary package.   



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