MS Orthopedics Admission

MS Orthopedics Admission dates have been notified by various institutions. Master of Surgery in Orthopedics is a three years Post graduate degree programme. It is a branch of surgery which deals in traumatic, chronic and overuses injuries and many other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic Surgeons mostly directs musculoskeletal ailments including arthritis, trauma and congenital disorders using both surgical and non-surgical modes.

Orthopedics analyzes how to treat diseases related to bones and joints such as cervical spondylosis, bone tumor, spinal cord injury, rheumatoid arthritis, complex limb fractures and fractures which cannot get healed.

ms orthopedics admission

Eligibility Criteria for MS Orthopedics Admission:-

The candidate must score 50% marks with complete M.B.B.S degree. All the candidates are expected to appear in the entrance examination as per the rules of Medical Council of India. A candidate must apply through us for college for ms ortho in India.

Recommended MS orthopedics course by some of the Medical Universities:-

  • Theory
  1. Basic Sciences and related Orthopedics
  2. Principles and practice of Orthopedic diseases and Operative Orthopedics
  3. Traumatology and its related aspects
  4. Recent advances in Orthopedics
  • Practical
  1. Long Case (One)
  2. Short cases (Three)
  3. Oral/viva
  4. Pathology specimens and X-rays
  5. Bones
  6. Implants and Instruments
  7. Orthosis and Prosthesis

M.S Orthopedics course is suitable for all those candidates who have a deep knowledge in the understanding of medical technologies, medical ethics, pharmacology and physiology. They must have a tendency for musculoskeletal health, disease prevention and treatment is essential. They should be good in their interpersonal and communication skills. For further research studies this course is highly preferable.

Why MS orthopedics admission will be advantageous to you all in your career prospective?

After completing this course, you get wider range of employment in hospitals, health care centers such as surgeons, doctors, nurse and therapists. Course is beneficial for those who want to go for teaching career and can even open hospitals and can provide employment to many others. There is a vast scope for Orthopedics in India and abroad as well.  You can join Army and Navy forces as orthopedic surgeons and serve your nation by giving your duties and treating the patients.

With MS Orthopedics you get innumerable job opportunities. Few are listed below:-

  • Ophthalmologist
  • Professor-Orthopedics
  • Associate Professor-Orthopedics
  • Consultant-Orthopedics
  • Specialist panel doctor

Orthopedic Surgeons are highly paid and enjoy their good and reputed social status.

Limited seats are available for MS orthopedic Admission. Contact us now for your bookings or for any other query. We commit you to provide guidance from our expert consultants.

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