MS General Surgery Admission

MS General Surgery admission is open for the academic year 2017-18.Register through our website and our consultant shall reciprocate you as earliest possible.

Master of Surgery in General surgery is a three years post graduate programme. To treat diseases and injuries by operative procedures which are the branch of medical science is termed as surgery. General surgery is a branch of surgery which contracts with surgical treatment of abdominal organs eg:-stomach, colon, liver, intestines oesophagus and furthermore of the thyroid gland and hernia. Though the course has been termed as general but it is not just general as it involves surgical methods including hernias, gallbladder surgeries, hernias, stomach and intestinal issues and appendicitis. It takes care mostly of all the surgical problems, so it in the medical procedures it is termed as “jack of all trades”.

ms general surgery admissionThe candidates will not be allowed to appear in the final examination for more than seven attempts. Master of Surgery provides you a doctor qualification in surgery. Upon successfully completing the course, aspirants become certified surgeon. This is a complete practical based course and it is not available in a distant mode. The Medical Council of India is a statutory body which shoulders the responsibility of maintaining the standards of medical education and its recognition.

Aspirants who are eligible for MS General Surgery admission must possess an M.B.B.S degree from a recognized a medical colleges and recognized by Medical Council of India and should have completed an internship. The eligibility for all post graduate courses for general candidates must be 50% and for others SC, ST and OBC, it must be 40%. This is laid out by the statutory bodies’ regulations of 2000 of Medical council of India for the post graduates admissions. At the MS level, most of the state government affiliated programmes accepts 50% of students based on the national examination and 50% based on the state examinations. As per the Indian constitution, 50% seats are reserved for the physicians belonging to the economically impoverished portions of Indian society. Along with the regular candidates, foreign nationals are also required to appear in the entrance examinations as few of the institutes only conduct examinations on the basis of the qualifying examinations marks.

Few recognized MS general Surgery entrance examinations:-

Scheduled training Programme for General surgery


  1. General Surgery-7 months
  2. Anaesthesia-1 month
  3. Radiology and radio therapy-1 month
  4. Ortho and Traumatology-3 months

Total-12 months


  1. General Surgery-         7 month
  2. Neuro Surgery-           1 month
  3. Plastic Surgery-           1 month
  4. Pediatric Surgery-         1 month
  5. Cardio Thoracic-         1 month
  6. Urology- 1 month

Total-12 months


  1. General Surgery-9 months
  2. Intensive Coaching-3 months

Total-12 months

  • Training given to all the aspirants will be a full time attending 80% according to the calendar year by our skilled Trainers and will be given assignments and participation in all the facets of the educational process.
  • The aspirants of the institutions which are located in various states/union territories shall be given remuneration equal to remuneration paid to the post graduate students of state government medical universities, in the state/union territory in which the institution is located. Identical procedure will be followed in terms of leaves to the students.
  • Every faculty will monitor the implementation of these training programmes under the chairmanship of a senior faculty member.
  • All the training programmes will be upgraded when required.
  • Students are required to maintain a record book of the work carried out by them, including the details of surgical operations assisted or done independently by the candidates. The record book must be checked by the faculty members.
  • Students shall be required to participate in the teaching and training programme of undergraduate students and interns. Additionally, the head department shall involve the students in various activities like seminars, group discussions and participation in clinical, clinic-pathological conferences.
  • Training in Management, Health economics, health information system, Medical audit, basics of statistics, exposure to human behavior studies, knowledge of pharmco-economic and introduction to non-linar mathematics shall be transmitted to students.

Students having a break of study of 5 years shall be re-admitted subsequent to satisfactory fulfillment of the regulations of the university at the starting of the academic year and shall undergo the full duration of the course with no exemption during the course and will be allowed to appear for the examinations as prescribed in the regulations.

Migration/Transfer is not permissible by any authority or university for the undergoing students.

Specific subjects for MS General Surgery

  • Oncology
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Urology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery

Prescribed Syllabus Content

  1. Basic Medical Sciences:-Seminars, Group discussions, Lectures, Journal clubs, Participation in Laboratory and experimental work, and involvement in research studies, in the concerned specialty and exposure to the applied aspects of the subject relevant to clinical specialties.
  2. Clinical Disciplines:-Practical training in diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment, training in the basic medical sciences as well as in allied clinical specialties.

Examinations shall be based on theory papers, thesis and practical/oral examinations. The examinations shall be evaluated on the basis of grading and certify student’s level of knowledge, skill and competence  at the end of the training and obtaining a minimum of 50% marks in theory as well as practical shall be mandatory for qualifying the whole examination. The maximum number of students should not exceed above 8 to be examined in Clinical/practical/oral on any scheduled day. Universities are not allowed to conduct two examinations with an interval of not less than 4 months and not more than 6 months between the two examinations.

MS General Surgery Admission is suitable for those students who are sensitive towards the health needs of the community. And MS degree is meant for those who have an inclination towards surgical and related procedures. A doctor who believes firmly that they can fix someone’s fracture or removing tumors are best suited for General surgery Course.

Why MS General Surgery course is beneficial?

  • It uses appropriate learning resources to practical surgery.
  • It makes an aspirant proficient enough to handle medical problems influentially.
  • General Surgery helps the students to obtain knowledge of individual field and specialty of medicine.
  • It is highly lucrative as some of the major surgeries are equal to one month’s salary of physician.

After this course, your job doors are open for you in wider terms. You can work as Researcher, ophthalmologist, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Urological Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Endocrine Surgeon, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Upper-Gastro intestinal Surgeon, Lab Technician and Lecturer/Professor. Your preferable employment areas shall be Health Centers, hospitals, Laboratories, Polyclinics, Non-Profit Organizations, Medical colleges etc. You can get reputed jobs in the field of Medical.

Limited seats are available for MS General Surgery Admission. You may register with us and you will get the best admission guidance.

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