MD Physiology Admission

Many of you must be wondering what to do after the completion of MBBS degree. It is well known that medical profession is the best and most respectable profession in the world. It is the coveted achievement to get admission to a medical college to study medicine. If you want to excel your career in the field of medicine then you can go for the MD physiology admission through us. This course is very helpful for those who are looking to build their career towards academic and aiming to research and development to gain the ample knowledge in the subject.

What is exactly physiology? Physiology is derived from the two words Physio and Logy, Physio means function and logy means science. This course helps you to decipher the functions of the human body and also make you understand how each action happens in the body. This can also help you to comprehend how the complex signaling through the nerves and hormones result in organ function.

MD physiology admission

MD Physiology is three years Post graduate Physiology course. Physiology is the science of the medical, physical and biochemical functions of humans, their organs and the cells of which they are composed. This degree course is related to anatomy, anatomy is the study of form and Physiology is the study of function. Due to the constant connection between form and function, Physiology and anatomy are essentially linked and are studied as wheels as a part of a medical curriculum.

MD Physiology Eligibility

  • MBBS with 55% marks minimum
  • Few reputed universities and colleges conduct entrance examinations.

MD Physiology recommended syllabus by universities/colleges

  • Theory
  1. General Physiology
  2. Clinical sciences related to Physiology
  3. Biophysics, Biochemistry and Histology Related to systemic Physiology.
  4. Systemic Physiology including recent advances.
  • Practical
  1. Two long exercises(mammalian/humans)
  2. Two short exercises(Hematology/microteaching)
  3. Oral

MD Physiology admission is appropriate for all those candidates who are willing to study the vital functions of organisms including growth and development, the absorption and processing of nutrients, the synthesis and distribution of proteins and other organic molecules and the functioning of different tissues, organs and other anatomic structures. Physiology examines the normal mechanical, physical and biochemical process of animals and plants are suitable. They should possess problem resolving skills like thinking your way around problems, developing hypotheses and designing experiments to address the questions. They should be able to identify, select, organize and communicate information and data, computing and statistics by using spreadsheets, databases and presentation packages. They should be endowed with other required skills which are numeracy skills, attention to detail, process operation and professional expertise.

MD Physiology course is highly beneficial for the aspirants.

  • A physiologist may have to diagnose and treat major disorders that occur in the organs of cardiovascular, hepatic and digestive system.
  • For further studies this course is suitable like for PhD. It provides a good base for it.
  • With this course they can even become speech and language therapist, here they have to work with the people who have communication problems and can closely work with infants, children and adults who have various levels of speech problems and difficulties.
  • With this degree, they can even become research scientists; they can plan and conduct experiments to enhance the body of scientific knowledge on topics related to medicines.

Employment areas under MD Physiology

  • Colleges and universities
  • Hospital Administration
  • Self employment
  • Military services
  • Healthcare Services

MD Physiology career scopes

  • Regulatory Affairs manager
  • Trainee Medical Coder
  • Clinical Analyst
  • Lab Technician
  • Tutor and Demonstrator
  • Professor/Assistant Professor
  • Anatomy/Physiology Trainer/Assistant Trainer

Any MBBS degree holder from a recognized university by medical council of India can pursue MD Physiology course. Connect with us to get your preferred colleges for MD Physiology admissions

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