MD Pharmacology Admission

MD Pharmacology admission: It is a postgraduate Pharmacy course. With the evolution of the time pharmacology has evolved. Pharmacology now explores the molecular mechanisms by which drugs cause biological effects. Basically, Pharmacology studies how chemical agents, both natural and synthetic affect biological systems. Pharmacology is often described as a bridge science as it incorporates knowledge and skills from a number of basic science disciplines including Biochemistry, Physiology and cell and molecular biology. Pharmacologists are able to translate such knowledge into the rational development of therapeutics. As a result of their multidisciplinary training, pharmacologist is able to offer a unique perspective in solving drug-hormone and chemical related problems. Pharmacology mainly concern is to study of drug action where a drug can be broadly defined as a man made, natural or endogenous molecule which exerts a biochemical and or physiological effect on the cell, tissue, organ or organism.

The duration of Doctor of Medicine in Pharmacology is for three years. It is a doctorate degree and is a career orienting which opens many doors to employment after successful completion of the course.

Eligibility for MD Pharmacology admission

Aspirants must have an M.B.B.S degree from a recognized university.

MD pharmacology prescribed curriculum by various medical colleges/universities.

  • Theory
  1. General pharmacological principles and allied sciences.
  2. Systemic Pharmacology, chemotherapy and therapeutics.
  3. Experimental pharmacology, screening of drugs and statistics.
  4. Clinical Pharmacology and recent advances in pharmacology
  • Practical
  1. One experimental pharmacology exercise on intact animal
  2. One experimental pharmacology exercise on internal organ
  3. One Chemical pharmacology exercise
  4. One Clinical pharmacology exercise
  • Oral
  1. Microteaching session
  2. Thesis presentation and discussion
  3. General Viva Voce

MD pharmacology colleges:-

  • Manipur University, Imphal
  • Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh
  • A.J institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangalore
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Post graduate Medical Education and Research JIPMER , Puducherry

MD pharmacology course appropriateness

MD pharmacology degree is suitable for all those candidates who are willing to provide safety to their patients during treatment. Aspirants who want to evaluate the day to day development in therapeutics and new drugs can go for the course. Even aspirants who wish to make themselves familiar with the newer development in pharmacology /emerging trends/novel mechanisms of drug action etc are also good match for it. If aspirants want to go for the further studies and research and can even go for the lecturer job. It is best suitable for the making of an established career. They should possess good communication skills so that they can interact with the patients in better way as well as co-ordinate treatment with the other healthcare professionals.

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Benefits of MD Pharmacology course

  • Aspirants must attain good and sound knowledge of general pharmacological principles, systematic pharmacology and rational use of drugs once the course gets completed.
  • After the completion of the course they can even opt for the tutorial classes for students of medical and allied disciplines in the jobs spheres, colleges and can plan and conduct lecture and practical demonstration.
  • Pharmacologists can handle injurious drug reactions, therapeutic drug monitoring and able to provide drug information service to needy places.
  • They have a good career in the teaching job and can even go for the further studies.

MD Pharmacology employment fields:-

  • Military Healthcare Services
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Medical writing
  • Marketing areas
  • Drug companies
  • Colleges and universities

MD Pharmacology job categories:-

  • Pharmacology Professor
  • Medical Advisor
  • Professor Associate
  • Academic Head and Faculty

You can even go for the advance pharmacology course which is Doctor of philosophy in pharmacology. A master’s degree is required to gain admission in PhD in Pharmacology. If one needs promotion in his/her career or hike in their salaries can join this course. It is suitable for a stable career. For MD Pharmacology admission you can contact our bonafide consultants who will provide you innumerable guidance.

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