MD Anatomy Admission

There is a wider scope for the candidates to upgrade their career with MD anatomy admission. Anatomists are biological scientists who examine and study the structure of living things. Most of the anatomists work in the laboratories, hospitals and universities. Generally, they do research work and teaching work. They also train the physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other workers in the field of health. Even some also work in the private companies which make artificial limbs and organs.

Doctor of Medicine in Anatomy is a two year Post Graduate course. MD Anatomy is a specialized branch in medicine that contracts with the structure of the human body. Under this degree, there are several subjects studied namely Gross and Regional anatomy, Osteology, Anthropolgy, Myology, Systemic Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Applied and clinical anatomy, General and systemic Embryology, Comparative Embryology, Principles of Genetics, General Histology, Histology of Organs and structure, Staining techniques, Outline of evolution, Comparative anatomy, Physical Anthropology, Radiological Anatomy, surface anatomy, surface marking of human body. The duration of the course is for two years.

Eligibility for MD Anatomy admissions

  • MBBS degree with minimum 55% marks
  • Some renowned colleges/universities even regulate the entrance examinations.

Recommended syllabus by several medical universities/colleges

  • Subjects of Study
  • Section I
  1. Gross Anatomy
  2. Practical
  3. Dissection of entire body
  4. Anatomical Techniques
  • Section II
  1. Developmental Anatomy
  2. Histology and Hitochemistry
  3. Practical
  4. Immunology
  5. Practical
  6. Genetics
  7. Practical
  • Section III
  1. Neuroanatomy
  2. Practical
  • Section IV
  1. Applied Anatomy and Recent advances

MD Anatomy admissions is best suitable for all those aspirants who want to evolve skills as self directed learner reorganize continuing medical education and select and use appropriate learning resources are best suitable match for it. Candidates who are willing to acquire depth knowledge in structure of human body from the gross to the molecular level and correlate it with the functions and basic principles of normal growth and differentiation are also suitable for it.

How does an Anatomist functions?

An anatomist observes and dissects the large organs of plants and animals. With the help of microscopes and computers they examine smaller units such as small organs, tissues and cells. They even use special techniques to prepare their samples. They have a broad field so anatomists have to abreast them with wider knowledge related to neurology, embryology, biomedical, engineering, genetics and pathology. The work of anatomists will be vital in the field of development of artificial organs such as heart and Kidney. Plastic surgeries, space medicine and environmental health will be dependent on the discoveries of the anatomists. Most of the anatomists are biomedical researchers and educators focusing on human anatomical form and function. Their specialization areas are biological imaging, cell biology, genetics, molecular development, endocrinology, histology, neuro-science, forensics, microscopy and physical anthropology.

Advantages of MD Anatomy course

  • This course is beneficial to understand the critical periods of human growth and development as well as the ontogeny of all the organ systems of the body.
  • Once the course gets completed they can find jobs in hospitals and can even run their own private units.
  • This course helps in understanding the educational methods which helps the medical students and paramedical workers and exhibit adequate managerial skills to function as an effective leader of the team engaged in teaching and research.
  • Even there is a scope for the students for further studies like PhD

Employment categories under MD anatomy admission

  • Clinical Mentoring services
  • Healthcare Management Centers
  • Private Nursing Homes
  • Armed Forces
  • Research and Educational Institutes

With MD Anatomy course there are various job opportunities for the aspirants

  • Medical Transcriptionist/proofer Reader
  • Medical Coder Trainee
  • Team Leader/Trainee
  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Anatomy Reader
  • Medical Coder

Registration has started for MD anatomy admission 2017-18. We have above mentioned a list for the MD anatomy college. Book your seats with us. Our admission consultants will help you to achieve your goals as a PG holder on MD anatomy successfully.

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